In May of 2014 Eva de la Rosa and Liliana Beverido were having a coffee and they were discussing the difficulties that Hispanic women must incorporate to the United States and they realized there was a lack of serious organizations with programs that focused in helping women with Spanish as their first language. After a long conversation, they decided to seek the correct group of women to create an organization that would offer the much-needed services to empower Hispanic women in the United States and they contacted Tiu Rios. Tiu was ready to help and all three started gathering women with a progressive attitude in small meetings at local coffee shops to present the project. Once they gathered the initial group of women, they scheduled the first workshop at Casa Chapala restaurant in Burnet road. The first Taller de los Sábados workshop expected to receive 25 to 30 women to present the organization. The first workshop received over 70 women ready to belong to this organization.

“After the first workshop, we haven’t stopped working and we have met every month to receive more and more entrepreneur women that seek self-development and the opportunity to interact with other women like them” said De la Rosa.

The Taller de los Sábados (Saturday Workshop) was the beginning of our organization and we developed our programming from it. Our Voluntariados (volunteer service meetups) are an important part of Amhiga Hispana, since the civic development of our women in the community is one of our strongest values. Since the organization was established, we have participated with various local organizations to develop our community.

Some of our volunteer service meetups include The Brunch of the Hat, El Niño and El Cuento, Breakfast of the Red Dress supporting the American Heart Foundation, Caminito de la Escuela, Back to School Event supporting El Mundo Newspaper, Conferences for Women by the Mexican Consulate, Race against Breast Cancer with Susan Komen Foundation, WECon, YMCA, Mexic-Arte Museum Day of the Dead Parade, One Billion Rising and several more.

The Martes Social meetup (Social Tuesday) was established in November of 2015 with the objective of providing women who participate in Amhiga Hispana with a space to meet and establish friendly relations and mutual support between them. The format is quite relaxed and takes place on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in a restaurant or local cafe in North Austin, and the third Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in a restaurant or local cafe in South Austin.

Miércoles Professional is the financial arm of Amhiga Hispana, it was established in April of 2016 with the objective to open communication between Spanish-speaking women about their businesses and it evolved into an educational platform where women learn diverse topcis on entrepreneurship, taxes, business development, etc. We launched the program with a monthly meeting in diverse restaurants of the city. We gather the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm in  a local recreation center.

In April of 2017 we had our first expo-conference, which was a success with more than 200 women in the Norris Events Center and we named it Expo-Amhiga, some of our exhibitors were businesses that our women started at the beginning of our Professional Wednesday and now they are established businesses, and other local businesses, services and resources for our community. Expo-Amhiga is an event that we hope to continue bringing to our community every year. 

Amhiga Hispana is no longer an organization of 3 women, Amhiga Hispana is a movement and all the women that participate monthly ARE the organization.

“It has been a tough road and we have encountered extremely difficult obstacles to continue with the project, but we are committed, and we know this is only the beginning of something revolutionary and wonderful,” concluded Lilia.

Strong women have devoted their time to develop our organization and we are forever grateful to them, Amhiga wouldn’t be the same without women who have donated their time, knowledge and skills to our community.