Martes Social

(Social Tuesdays)

A space to connect with other women with your same interests in a laidback environment to develop your social network


Amhiga of the Month

Passion, resilience, work and creativity must be recognized, and we do so with successful women from our community periodically, learn more about our initiative:


Miércoles Profesional

(Professional Wednesdays)

Engage in conversations with other professional women and entrepreneurs in our monthly Miércoles Profesional event and develop your finances. 



We have a list of resources of our community and for our community. To learn more about the resources provided by our women click below:


Taller de los Sábados

(Saturdays Workshop)

In our monthly workshop, we bring experts in intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial & physical development.



(Civic Engagement)

Civic engagement is a pillar of our organization. We participate with local organizations as a group to improve our community.


Amhiga Fit

Working out is great for empowerment, and physical, spiritual and mental health. We at Amhiga Hispana stay in continuous movement to have a healthy lifestyle. 


Special Events

We celebrate life, empowerment and success providing a space to connect with likeminded individuals while supporting a good cause.



When you support our cause, you connect with our women and receive the satisfaction of being part of the development of our women and their families.